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Brillante Viernes: October 4, 2013

Hello all!  Hopefully at this point, I will have my baby, or he will be on his way!  (I update my blog on the weekend.)  I am sure that once he is here, my posting will be much more sporadic.  Once we are all settled, I am sure I will be back to posting, as I have enjoyed blogging so much. 🙂  Here are some of my favorite links recently:

1.  I just found this post on Nearpod, and it looks amazing!  I am not sure if this has to be used on iPads, or if it can be used on computers, but the potential looks great!  This will make lessons much more interactive.

2.  This post on the How and Why of the Exit Slip is excellent!  I definitely fall into the first category.  We all know exit slips are great, but what we do with the information is the most important part of it.

3.  This post has a ton of new and great ideas about how to incorporate Día de los Muertos in your class.

4.  Kara Jacobs is at it again!  I love this idea to use commercials for quizzes!  At ACTFL last year, one presenter made a comment about having no clue why people post commercials in Spanish about soap but being so glad that they do.  🙂  I think that is very true!  Thank goodness for YouTube.


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