No Prep Required: Questions/Guessing Warm-Up

I saw this idea here, but I thought it could easily be adapted as a warm-up or end of class activity.  It reminds me of the Creative Language Class blog’s activity, but it is a bit simpler and quicker- and doesn’t require any prep by the teacher!  You can either read or write questions in the target language.  You can use vocabulary or verbs that you are currently practicing.  Each student writes down their own response and what they think the response of a partner would be or the response of their teacher.  At the end, the responses are revealed to find out if they knew what their partner or their teacher was thinking.  You can create these sentences on the spot, so it would easily fill up the last five minutes of class or be a wonderful warm-up activity.

It is originally planned as a pre-reading activity.  If students are going to read a survey, it would also be interesting for them to guess what the interviewee said before reading the interview or survey.

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