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I have been planning on using Google Voice for two years now.  But I have not had a chance to sit down and figure it out.  Isn’t that how some technology is?  You have the best intentions, but you have to figure it out to troubleshoot for students.  I say this also acknowledging that Google Voice may be super easy to use and would not require me to spend much time at all.

However, recently, I wanted students to record their voices doing different speaking tasks.  I read about  It is EXTREMELY easy to use.  Students do not even need to create an account.  At the end, they can upload a link, email it to themselves or you and embed it on a website.  I really didn’t even have to “explore” the site because it is so easy.  If you are looking for a voice recording website, I would definitely consider it!


3 thoughts on “Vocaroo

  1. I’ve used Google Voice in class, but Vocaroo has a lot of potential too! They work differently and I think students would find Vocaroo easier to use. At my school, we don’t have a computer lab and most students don’t have computer/internet access at home so Vocaroo might pose some logistical in-class problems for me. (However, they all have cell phones!) Vocaroo does look MUCH more manageable though! I’m going to try this out for some of my own recordings – thanks for sharing this resource! =)

    1. Glad you can use it! It makes it so much easier to do speaking activities without having to try to listen to everyone/find something else for them to do. I was talking to one of my colleagues yesterday who records a lot for homework, and I would love to do more of that, too.

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