Favorite things!

I love cooking (and eating!)  If I were more inventive in my cooking, I would definitely have a cooking blog, but alas, I will just bring my blogging to the Spanish teaching world!  🙂  One of my favorite shows is Top Chef.  If they ever have a Top Chef: Teachers edition, sign me up!  I found out some awesome news though!  Telemundo has created a show called Top Chef Estrellas!  I cannot wait!  While this will be great for me to watch, I think you could easily use it in the classroom.

The big difference between the Top Chef on Bravo and Telemundo is that on Telemundo, they are using famous stars who are not chefs by profession.  Before you watch the show, it is important to give students a list of who everyone is and why they are famous.  This is a great culture connection because all of these participants are popular in Hispanic culture.  You can write your descriptions for any level.

The obvious connection would be during a food unit.  Beginning Spanish students would be able to list the foods that they see and hear.  They could also mention foods that they learn.

I am hoping to incorporate this with my Spanish II students as well.  Here we could add in a bit more.  Although you could show a full episode (an hour), I would just show the Quickfire Challenges.  (I am assuming they will have these just like Bravo.)  These challenges occur in the beginning of the show and relatively short.  You could even have students vote on which dish they would have preferred to eat and which one should have lost.  This would also be a springboard for a writing activity (summarizing, reflection, what would they have cooked?)

Now, I just have to know… when does it start?!  I cannot seem to find that information.  Anyone else?

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