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Brillante Viernes: September 20, 2013

Happy Friday!  I hope that everyone is having a wonderful fall and is back in the swing of things.  It is definitely exhausting!  Enjoy your weekend and time off.  Here are some of my favorite things that I found on the internet:

1.  Through FLTeach, Alex Parker shared his PowerPoints using the Descubre series.  Throughout the PPTs, he offers ideas about activities for each unit.  They are great!

2.  This is an interesting blog post about how a popular grouping strategy may not be as effective as we think.  I definitely think that there is validity to this, but this grouping strategy may still be effective from time to time.  What do yall think?

3.  This is a great resource for students to use when they start writing informal letters!

4.  I love this months poster in Spanish!  You could have students write a sentence for each month using the illustration.


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