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Favorite Spanish Elementary Resources

As I mentioned before, I used to teach Spanish to students in grades 1 through 6 before starting exclusively in middle school.  After being in high school, I must admit that I was terrified initially.  However, I soon realized that you cannot call on every first or second grader because they will KEEP raising their hands to tell you another story, and they do not have to go to the nurse 90% of the time (my mom had me terrified that someone would go to the bathroom or throw up in my class!), I was fine!  I loved all of the different ages groups, and it was truly awesome to watch them grow up over the three years that I taught them.

My colleague has recently switched from middle school to lower school, and I have been digging up some of my favorite resources to share with her.  Some of them are beneficial to middle school students as well.

Song resources:

1.  I loved this website for songs around the world.  It was great if I was doing a thematic unit on a certain country like Puerto Rico.

2.  Basho and Friends has a great YouTube channel with some wonderful introductory songs.  The alphabet one is also fabulous because it emphasizes the vowels.  This would be great for any students learning the alphabet.

Pre-made resources:

1.  I have mentioned this website before, but MisCositas is fabulous for elementary school students.  I used her units on Day of the Dead, Rainforest and Spanish Middle Ages.

2.  I just discovered this website the other day.  There are some wonderful packets for students to complete including books about themselves.

Finally, I did not subscribe to this listserv, but I would always catch up on the archives.  Hope this helps you if you are beginning in the wonderful world of elementary school Spanish!


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