Confession time- I like to think that I am open to change, but I am not sure that I always am!  In my class, I typically teach a part of vocabulary or grammar, practice it then assess it in the form of a quiz.  Most of the time, I end up giving a quiz about once a week.  We are going to an extended block once a week, and due to this schedule, I can only give quizzes or tests every other week.  “That is easy,” I thought, “I won’t have to change much at all!”

I was wrong.

While I do not mind combining my assessments, I still had extra days AND I couldn’t push my schedule back because then the quizzes or tests would STILL not fall on the right week.  “ARGH!” I thought, “How is this going to work?!”  Well, it took some tossing and turning in my head, but finally, I decided to dedicate that time to the little things that I don’t always teach.  I am going to plan more informal speaking and writing activities.  I want to complete some more Integrated Performance Assessments and free writes.  I also want to look at some of the small parts of the language that I overlook, but students need them for writing and speaking.  I would love to look at making their sentences longer and more developed.  In the end, I am excited and know that this will be better for my teaching.  I will also blog about it.  What would you do with the extra time scattered one day a week?  What do you wish that you had more time for every year?

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