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Brillante Viernes: September 6, 2013

Welcome to September!  Although I love summer, I do get excited for fall!  Last weekend, all three of my football teams won (Clemson, WVU and UVa!)  WVU and UVa may have a tough go of it this year, so I will take the victories when I can.  Also, last Friday, I got my first Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks.  It’s the little things!  Without further ado, here are some wonderful resources for you to use from the web:

1.  Martina Bex’s blog had some great ideas!  I especially love the new writing tasks.  My friend who attended an AP teacher institute said that teachers must work on free writes with their students.  They have to complete them in class without a dictionary or your help.  They have to use whatever is in their brains.  While there is definitely a place for resources like Word Reference (which like any language nerd, I LOVE), many times, students will not be able to just look up a word.

2.  Also, I would love to develop more Integrated Performance Assessments.  I think I need to see more samples before I develop mine, but here is a way to start.

3.  This website is awesome!  They have some great hand-outs for elementary and above.  The organizers are great!

4.  Some great graphics for the start of a new year!  My favorite is 27 ways to be an effective teacher.

Happy weekend!  Feel free to add some of your favorite links from this week in the comments!


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