My New Syllabus

On Creative Language Class, they encouraged teachers to create new syllabi.  I was going away on vacation the week of the contest, but I have been thinking about it since.  I decided to recreate my syllabi this year.  My rules and regulations were lengthy when that was not necessary.  I decided to use Piktochart to create mine.  Piktochart is very easy to use!  I selected a pre-made template.  The text is easy to change- double-click on each section.  On the side, to add a chart or graphic, you can drag that image onto your chart.  (This took me forever to figure out- I probably should have watched the tutorial!)  Also, when you add a graphic and select it, the color is listed to the left of the “no channel” and next to the “reset” button.  I published mine as a JPEG, and then printed it for students.  Here it is!


At this point, many of you have probably made your syllabi.  However, you could still use Piktochart throughout the year.  You could use this for vocabulary introduction.  Students could also create their own Piktochart about themselves in the target language.

4 thoughts on “My New Syllabus

  1. Is there any way you could provide a link of it for others to use or not? I want to jazz up my syllabus and I really like this format. Thanks!

    1. Hello! Unfortunately I cannot provide an editable link due to the format of Picktochart. I used a template though, so when you log in, you can use that! Hope it helps!

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