Presentation on teaching in the block

The other day, we heard a presentation from Dr. Nancy Doda since we will have one long block for each class this year.  The rest of the week, we will have shorter class periods.  She brought some great ideas that could be used in any class.  Here were my favorites:

-Read, Pause, and Say Something.  We were reading three paragraphs, and after two paragraphs, we had to stop and say something to our partner about the reading- summary, something we thought was important etc.  While many times, my readings are shorter than this, this would be great for longer readings.  Students (and everyone) tend to fly through readings, so this makes it more purposeful.

-Variation of KWL (what I know/what I want to know/what I learned).  I didn’t love KWL when I was a student.  I would diligently write what I knew, but when it came to what I wanted to know, I would struggle to write when I wanted to know.  Instead start out students with what I know, then a few classes later ask what they know NOW then at the end, you can have them write what they know NOW.  This makes much more sense to me.

-Finally, she showed a variation of stations.  Teachers would have 16 “problems.”  They could be vocabulary, grammar, questions etc.  This would be on the inside of the card.  On the outside, the teacher would write the answer from another question.  Once students found the answer, they would flip the card to see the next question.  It is somewhat of a scavenger hunt.  This would be a great way to spice up some rote practice.  Plus any time that the students are moving can change the class pace.

All of the teachers agreed that this was a great session.  Teachers are always the hardest to impress, so you all know how valuable that statement is.

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