Brillante Viernes: August 30, 2013

Happy Friday!  I am sure everyone is back to school and ready for a three-day weekend!  Labor Day is always bittersweet- the end of summer but the beginning of school.  Here are some of my favorite things recently:

1.  I found two great links for videos via Twitter.  The first has many short recipe videos, and the second is a Pinterest page with great video links as well.

2.  Cristy posted a wonderful interpretive rubric to use.  In the same vein, this rubric assesses in class and group work.  It is easy to use and quick.

3.  Spanish Plans blog has some great authentic resources for back to school and other places to find more resources.

4.  Langchat has returned after the summer break!  This is a summary from the first talk about staying in the target language and definitely worth the read.  We are switching to a longer block once a week, and I love the suggestion to play TL music during transitions.

I also found this link via Edutopia.  It has great suggestions for beginning teachers- hope it can help you as well!

Hope your return to school has been wonderful!

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