Bulletin Boards

This year, I decided to create two bulletin boards.  The first will be for students at the beginning of class or if they finish their work early.  I created a Boggle board.



Students can try to find Spanish words within the grid, but each letter has to be touching.  They can see who can create the most words or who can create the longest words.  I used push pins, so it will be easy to change throughout the year.  Later in the year, I will probably print out point values for each letter once they get the hang of it.  I bought the letters at Dollar Tree, and I bought two packs.  This bulletin board cost a total of $2, and it will serve as a fun activity for students.

My second bulletin board is incomplete because the students are going to help me fill it.  For my Spanish 1A students, I am going to tell them to bring in something that they find in Spanish during the first week of school.  It can be from a newspaper, label, ad etc.  I want them to stay away from the internet.  I started the board with a few ideas (and so it wasn’t just empty!)

photo (1)


I included an ad from a Spanish magazine (and my favorite!)  It is for flip flops, and it says “Siempre Verano.”  I also have a Spanish pack of Trident gum, a tweet in Spanish and 20 pesos from Mexico.  Hope these give you some ideas for your own bulletin boards!


2 thoughts on “Bulletin Boards

  1. Good ideas! I actually have a whole wall of ads from People en Español that the kids can look at and try to read when they are done. I also created a cognate wall this year. I have small posters of each letter of the alphabet and every time we come across a new cognate, I write it on a word strip and put it under the appropriate letter. I also have a bulletin board outside my classroom where I wrote Bienvenidos al mundo hispano. I printed out photographs of some famous hispanics, famous places in Spanish speaking countries, famous pieces of art, and just cultural items like bull fights, dances, open air markets, etc. and put them in groups, labeling them in Spanish. I also have a large poster of Picasso’s La Guernica and I use string to point to different parts of it and explain in Spanish and English the symbolism of each part. This works well with the Agentes secretos y el mural de Picasso reader.

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