Beginning of the Year: Leaving Emergency Sub Plans

I always am focused on what I am going to do the first week of school then I find out that I have to make up emergency sub plans for a random day that I may be out!  It is hard to judge when these could occur, so it has to be something that students can do on day 1 or day 101 successfully.  The other day, I posted one idea for an emergency sub plan using the worksheet Eres el juez.

Today, I wanted to include another wonderful link that I found.  This Spanish teacher has uploaded many readings that students can do under Spanish I and Spanish II handouts.  There are also cultural readings in English to accompany all of the worksheets.  She includes activities for each reading.  At the end of the packet, she provides some grammar practice as well.  Any of these activities would be perfect for a sub day, and they would be useful.  Even though these classes are only Spanish I/II, she has a lot of complicated topics (subjunctive) that we do not teach until upper levels.  Whatever your level, it is worth exploring this site!


6 thoughts on “Beginning of the Year: Leaving Emergency Sub Plans

  1. Just reading this now! The spanishwithmrsj website is amazing! I really love all of the culture and game activities!

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