Brillante Viernes: August 23, 2013

Happy Friday!  This is my LAST summer Friday.  Although I know I will spend part of it in my classroom since we never seem to have enough time the first week of school.  I am not even sure how to make it through a full week without my afternoon naps.  🙂  Here are some of my favorite links from the web:

1.  I love Kevin, Karla y la Banda!  They remake popular English songs into Spanish.  A YouTube channel with many of their songs is here.  I recently found an article with a brief history of how they started.   It is in English, but you could rewrite it in Spanish making it more comprehensible before giving it to students.  You could also just use it in English!

2.  These questions are great for the end of the day.  They could also be used in Spanish or in an advisory about a previous day.


3.  This lesson plan outline is perfect for all teachers.  It explains in detail how to incorporate each skill.  Amy’s blog has wonderful links as well.

4.  I cannot wait to use this idea that incorporates play-doh and writing!  It would be the perfect warm-up throughout the year.  I have had students sculpt their vocabulary words out of play-doh before (another great idea from my cooperating teacher!), and they all enjoyed it.  I found that it helps calm down students as well.  When I was a teacher aid in a very unmotivated classroom, the play-doh activity was probably the ONLY one where all of the students participated.

Enjoy your weekend!

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