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Sie7e: So What

Sie7eSie7e is one of my favorite artists.  He reminds me of Bobby McFerrin, and his song “Don’t Worry Be Happy” which was always on repeat when I was really young.  (I was a worrier even then, and my parents tried to nip it in the bud!)  I saw his song “So What” on the website El Mundo de Birch.  I love the message, and my Spanish II students could write a creative piece based on it easily.

I didn’t want to use a cloze activity like I have done with many activities in the past.  Looking at more of her website, I found the activity of “Eres el juez” or “You are the judge” (#4).  My students have talked about each song, but they have never been able to add the depth and details that this worksheet includes!  I will have students translate a few lines then they will listen to the song and watch the video.  (Warning!  In the beginning, a man moons the audience, but everything is covered up with a smiley face!  If this would be a problem for your students, you could show them the lyrics video. I know most of mine would add that to the like list for the video.)  On YouTube, they also have a video of Sie7e introducing his new single.  This would probably be too difficult for my students, but I would show it to them at the end if there was time.

Finally, I had my students write down their own “So What” statements and illustrate them.  I included all of my work in the link below; however, for the Eres el juez worksheet, visit El Mundo de Birch!  She has some other wonderful ideas that you could use with different songs.  This also might be a great activity for an unplanned sub day!  Pick three songs and have students comment on them.  Enjoy!

Sie7e so what



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