Proficiency Pack: Reward!


0At the end of the school year, I challenged my students to complete a summer proficiency pack.  It was definitely lengthy, and I promised my students that it would be worth it to complete.  Obviously, it would benefit their Spanish, but I also wanted to provide more incentive for them.  I am going to assemble little bags for them, and this is what I am including: lots of candy, a pen, a pencil, and extra eraser toppers.  I may add gum because my students love it.  I bought everything above at the dollar store, so I ended up spending $13 for ten reward packs- not too shabby!  Then, I am also including:

Screen shot 2013-08-16 at 7.47.02 AM


two free homework passes and five extra points on a quiz!  I made these myself, and my students will probably be more excited for these.  However, I do want to acknowledge that my students who completed these activities did a lot of extra work over the summer.  I am including the PDF file of the homework pass and five extra points below.  The clip art from the coupons is from this website.

homework and extra points


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