Beginning of the Year: Getting to know you game

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I found this wonderful game from the blog, Joy in 6th grade!  It is written in English as a get to know you game.  It is perfect for an advisory group as is- you can visit the original site to get a copy in English especially if you do not teach Spanish.  I translated this to Spanish and am planning on using it with my Spanish II/1B classes.    I also made slight changes to the game.  You give each group two dice.  They roll the dice and answer the question from that square.  It is simple enough, it will get students talking in Spanish, and they will get to know their classmates more.

However, you could spice the game up more!  You could turn it into a game of Great Minds Think Alike.  Most of my students already know each other, so I would not do this with students who are all brand new.  One student decides on his or her answer, and the other students have to guess his or her answer.  If the student successfully guesses the answer, they receive a point.  It would also be fun to jump in for a few rounds with each group!  You can download a PDF of this at the end:

getting to know you game


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