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No Prep Required: Video for Family Unit




I know that I have seen this website many times, but I finally had time to evaluate it this summer.  When the topic of family is brought up, many teachers suggest describing the Spanish Royal Family.  This is great because it introduces culture, and it allows teachers to remain in the target language while doing so.  However, the website has a video of the Royal Family that includes clips of all of the family members.

You could scaffold this in many ways.  I would start by playing just the audio.  Students would write the family member words that they heard along with names if they could do both.  Then, I would show the video multiple times and have students write down family connections and perhaps a family tree.  Many audio and video clips have to be repeated for beginning language learners to understand, and this one is particularly engaging since it is not only a description of the royal family, but also it includes video of their daily lives.

(Clip art is from Wikimedia Commons, and it is the Queen’s shield.)


2 thoughts on “No Prep Required: Video for Family Unit

  1. OK, these videos were awesome, truly could plan an entire course around them….my goodness… WITH ALL OF THIS GREAT STUFF OUT THERE, why create anything?????

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