Brillante Viernes: August 9, 2013

I thought I would continue the thread of beginning of the school year ideas on this “viernes.”  Hopefully, some of these will give you some new ideas for the beginning of the year.

1.  I have mentioned how brilliant I think Señor Wooly is before, but his website is fabulous!  Each year, I start with the song “¿Puedo ir al baño?”  This song is free, but I would definitely upgrade to the full subscription.  Not only do my students think this song is hilarious, but they learn a new phrase in Spanish that they can use year round.

2.  Zachary Jones always has great activities, and I love his newest infographic.  This would be for at least a Spanish II class, but you can use the infographic and just change the questions for a Spanish I class.  Not only does it include new Bolivian words for different clothes and school supplies, it also has students convert currency.

3.  The Creative Language Class posted these ideas last year, and I used them at the beginning of the year.  They were a hit, and my students really benefitted from learning how to identify cognates.

4.  I love the blog: Musicuentos!  She has included all of her first day ideas here.  She has great ideas with more links to other websites.

5.  I wanted to include this picture that I found on Pinterest even though it is not related to back to school at all!  I know that many people have zombie units in their Spanish class which sound AWESOME!  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the link.  I love the hashtags!

6.  This last one is extra since it is not related to Spanish class.  This year, I will be helping to plan our advisory curriculum as well.  I know that some of you have advisors as well, and this would be a great activity to use in your advisory group.

Enjoy the last weeks of summer or the first weeks of school!  It is always such an exciting time!

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