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Beginning of the Year: Scavenger Hunt

Many teachers have already started to go back to school.  I have about two more weeks before our teacher week, but I am feeling summer wind down as school starts back up!  This idea is from Rebecca Smith who was my mentor teacher during my student teaching.  She was such a wonderful mentor and friend!  I always consider myself lucky to have had her.  On the first day of school, she gave groups lists of items in Spanish.  They had to find all of them from their own items- sort of like a scavenger hunt.  She listed things like cell phones, erasers, make-up items, books, planners etc.  It is a quick review of school supply items for a higher level class.  For a beginning level class, you could include different cognates that students may have on them.  It was a great ice breaker, and the students enjoyed trying to find all of the items.

I have heard of other variations of scavenger hunts as well.  Last year, I had students complete a scavenger hunt on my webpage since it was new.  Many teachers will give scavenger hunts of their syllabus, textbook or bulletin boards.  All of these activities change-up the drudgery of constant introductions and syllabi.  Consider starting with a scavenger hunt activity to get students excited!


3 thoughts on “Beginning of the Year: Scavenger Hunt

    1. Hello! I would suggest using school supplies and personal items that you know your students would have. As far as syllabi or textbook searches, that would depend on your textbook or syllabus. You can write down questions that will highlight whatever you think is important in the syllabus or book. Good luck!

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