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Jorge Drexler: Tres mil millones de latidos

When I studied abroad in Valencia, Spain, I traveled with my friend to Alicante and Elche.  We loved the trip because both cities were easy to navigate, but there was so much to see.  Also, Elche is the shoe capital of Spain and has an amazing garden of palm trees!  While we were there, we also went to an impromptu concert.  I am not sure who was supposed to perform, but they couldn’t make it.  Jorge Drexler played, and I was hooked!  He was such an amazing singer and songwriter.  When I was first teaching, I played one of his songs thinking that no one else knew this person who happened to play at this concert.  One of my students told me about his recent Oscar win, and I instantly felt hip.  🙂  I used his song “Tres mil millones de latidos” to show the difference between ser and estar.  I also included a brief paragraph about his life as well.  I hope there are some other Jorge Drexler fans out there, too!

jorge drexler


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