Correcting sentences



This is an activity that I loved doing when I taught elementary school!  I forgot about it this past year, but I definitely want to include it next year.  I create a power point with slides with different sentences.  If the sentences are correct, the students do not do anything.  If the sentence is wrong, the students bang on their desk.  Then someone would tell me the correct sentence.  The example I recently found was centered around grammar (reflexive verbs).  However, you could do this with pictures, vocabulary or story re-tells.  It is a quick activity, and it changes up the pace.  It also allows students movement which is important.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that you create a signal to tell students to STOP banging.  My students were pretty good about this, but this activity could get out of hand quickly if you do not do this in advance- especially with elementary school students!  🙂  I will say that sometimes students will get excited to bang on the desk if they have not in a few slides, but it does not get out of hand.  Also, some students will always wait for others to bang on the desk, but I believe that this is all part of the learning process.

verbos reflexivos

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