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Beginning Spanish Schedule Activity: Authentic Resources

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I love using authentic resources!  Sometimes they are difficult to track down, and they aren’t appropriate etc.  However, thanks to Pinterest and all of the teachers pinning them, it has been great!  Using a TV schedule, activity schedule, and class schedule, I created a quick activity based on these schedules.  Students have to answer the questions after finding the correct times on the schedule.  This is great because it is something that native speakers would use, but it is definitely comprehensible for beginning students.  It would also be a great review for other classes as a warm-up.

schedule intro


3 thoughts on “Beginning Spanish Schedule Activity: Authentic Resources

  1. I love using authentic resources in the classroom! My 7th graders like reading them because they’re real (i.e not some silly thing I made up for them to read). I also recommend using Twitter and Internet Memes as other authentic resources. The kids enjoy them immensely and they get to see real people using real Spanish.

  2. Thanks! I love Internet memes as do my students. I put them on my quizzes and tests to entertain them. I will also use them on notes. Estudia Feliz blog has some great ones as well. I have done some Twitter activities, but my students haven’t really loved them. I keep trying though!

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