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Guided Notes for Grammar

Although some people do not use direct instruction for grammar, I feel that it helps some of my students.  I make sure that I include different activities to hit all modalities.  However, I do believe that it can help students who see patterns.  I also make sure to include many reading activities, listening, writing, and speaking activities in addition to the grammar.  I believe that guided notes are perfect for all learners but especially middle schoolers.  I project the notes on the whiteboard and fill-in-the blanks as I go.  Due to guided notes, students are more engaged, and they take more accurate notes.  The engagement helps because students have to write things down, but they can still pay attention to what I am saying.  I have included two examples of my guided notes- one for preterite verbs and one for reflexive verbs.  I use the reflexive verbs in Spanish 1, so it is in English.  I am going to use the preterite notes in Spanish II, and it will be a review.  Therefore, I wrote that one in Spanish.

reflexive notes

preterite notes


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