Find Someone Who Example (Preterite)

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The “Find Someone Who” activity is not new.  Each student has a sheet and asks students if they fit the description.  If the student answers in the affirmative, that student signs the piece of paper.  The goal is for students to get out of their seats, speak in Spanish and fill up their paper with signatures.  Many times I make sure that they have an extra one, so they have to ask me too.  I feel that it is important to model the activity not only in the beginning but while they are completing it.  I also try to make different versions of the activity.  This way if the students hear “comiste” for example, they already know the rest of the sentence.  I am including one of my “Find Someone Who.”  The question is “What did you do yesterday?”  I included three different examples.  My classes are small, so I allowed students to repeat signatures.  If I had a larger class, I would not allow students to repeat.  Finally, I always ask students some of the same questions at the end to reinforce the activity.

preterite find someone who

7 thoughts on “Find Someone Who Example (Preterite)

  1. I appreciate this activity. I have to introduce preterite today to my Spanish 1 class and I had no clue how to make it fun. Thank you!!

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