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Warm-up with technology: Purpose Games

I saw this website mentioned recently:  This is only a matching activity- picture to words, but it would be great for a quick warm-up activity.  You can also have students race against each other.  It seems that you can set up a tournament between classes.  I really liked this particular game on the present progressive.  You can see how it works before setting up your own.  They have many games for Spanish and French.  While it would be good to customize these games for your own students, there are a lot of basics here like colors and South American countries.  No need to reinvent the wheel!  Has anyone used it?  How did your students like it?


One thought on “Warm-up with technology: Purpose Games

  1. Hi Maris,

    I am glad that you like the purpose game that I made! They can be a fun change of pace, and I have some built into my lesson plans like the lesson I made about grey whales for my level 2 classes (I blogged the lesson here: ).

    I have made many, many of these games and did some action research with my classes to see what kind of impact it had on their learning. In a nutshell, the quick warm-up activity that you proposed is a good idea… especially if you SPEAK the clue and do not rely on the computer prompts. When I was speaking in Spanish while the game was projected against the wall (students have flyswatters to hit their choice), that had a positive impact when (1) students had to track my speaking (i.e. they had flyswatters and I would orally say a clue that was somewhat novel, such as Es un perro blanco que está durmiendo en el sofá), and (2) the activity only lasted a few minutes. HOWEVER, when done in the computer lab where every student logged in and raced against each other in a competition… well, that wasn´t even neutral. It had a NEGATIVE impact on vocab acquisition!!

    Best wishes,

    Mike Peto

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