Brillante Viernes: July 19, 2013

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer so far!  Since it is Friday, here are my favorite things that I have found this week:

1. Everyone continues to love the DIY whiteboards that you can buy at Lowes.  I found a website with 15 ideas on how to use these whiteboards in the classroom.  There are some basic recall ones, but there are also some great ideas for more in-depth uses.

2.  Here are some great ideas for final projects instead of final exams.  I try to make my exams more authentic, but we all know that these can still be artificial.  You could use these projects throughout the year.  I really love the ideas of the catalogue, school yearbook, and newscast.

3.  I always ask students survey questions in the beginning of the year.  These are some great ones!

4.  This website has some great crafts and fun activities to complete.  These would be perfect for after school clubs.

Enjoy this weekend!

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