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No Prep Required: Basketball game


This game is great for the last few minutes of class if one activity ends early, and you don’t have enough time to start another larger activity.  My students love it, and they enjoy playing!  I ask them any questions- you could use vocabulary, grammar, trivia, culture, book questions etc.  I ask each table a question, and their table earns one point for answering the question correctly.  Then they can shoot for extra points!  I have a small kid’s basketball net and squishy ball that I use.  However, last year, I just used my recycling bin as the basket.  I pick two “landmarks” in my room- one to add one extra point (for two points total), and one to add two extra points (for three points total).  I am sure that many of you have a variation of this, but if not, I encourage you to try it!  You can add your own twists if you like, but I keep it simple.


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