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Gustar: Information Gap Activity

Information gap activities are great quick speaking activities.  You can use them to practice grammar and vocabulary in a structured manner.  They also break up your class day.  I wrote more about the information gap activities previously.  On that post, I also included a preterite ir activity.  Here I am including a gustar/food activity.  Although I like the textbook series that we use, I do not like the way they structure the information gaps.  I prefer the activities from En Español.  I plan on designing more throughout the summer.  Hope these help you!

gustar info gap


4 thoughts on “Gustar: Information Gap Activity

  1. What a cute activity! I would replace the YO on the sheets with A mí. I would always have a fit when kids would say *”Yo me gusta” after practicing it many, many times.

    1. That’s a good idea! I waffle between providing them with the exact wording that I want them to produce and giving them less structure. I can never decide! Thanks for reading!!

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