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How I structure study guides

I am sure that many teachers give study guides.  I give students study guides before every quiz or test.  I use my study guides to show students how I will structure their quiz.  It also allows students to assess themselves and not guess what they have to study.  The tests are similar, so if students can do everything on the study guide, they can do everything on the test!  Students should not have to guess what is going to happen.

First, I list structures that students must know.  I take these from their notes.  These structures do not typically appear on the quiz or test.  I find it can serve as a reference point for the rest of the study guide and assessment.  Next, I give example questions, fill in the blank, or writing prompts.  Although, sometimes, I will tell students to review specific handouts or questions that we have done in class.

I am including a practice study guide for my Spanish II class.  This is a review chapter, and I am using the book Así se dice.  Normally, I would not have this much information on a quiz!  I hope that this inspires you to create your own study guides.  I will post more as I complete them throughout the year.

study guide example

example study guide 2

preterite study guide

study guide preterite airport

reflexive verb study guide


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