Lesson Planning: Making some changes

In general, I like to change my curriculum. The textbook should not be the be all and end all of sequencing and knowledge. The past two years we used Buen Viaje. (This year we are switching to Así se dice. If you have advice, that would be great!) at the end, they have a camping unit. Maybe because I am not extremely outdoorsy, but I have never talked about camping in Spanish. Since it went with a reflexive unit, I added in make up words and other words such as to shave and shaving cream etc. Although the boys claimed not to enjoy it, we did go over what each item was, and they thought that was funny. Many of the girls remembered this vocabulary at the end of the year, so it was obviously important to them.

This year, I completely changed a unit. Last year, my students hated the airport unit. They had difficulty learning the vocabulary, and the same chapter was repeated in level 2. I eliminated this for city vocabulary. These words were much more memorable for the students, and they also helped on the National Spanish Exam. My students were also happy this year because evidently my previous students complained a lot about the airport unit!! This summer, I am excited to continue to make more changes to the curriculum as we need. Have any of you made small or big changes that helped your students? I would love to hear them!

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