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Brillante Viernes: June 14, 2013

Woohoo!  Welcome to summer!  Hopefully, you are all about to start enjoying summer or already there!  I am all packed up and am finishing packing for our big move this weekend.  Next week, I will be in South Carolina for the family beach vacation then it is full steam ahead on my summer to do list!  (Don’t worry a fair amount of my list is laying by the pool and reading!)  Here are some ideas that are inspiring me recently:

1.  I love the blog Free Tech 4 Teachers!  Any time I am looking for a way to accomplish something using technology, I access this website.  I also love my app Flipboard.  You can create your own “magazines” which are a collection of blogs.  One of the best parts of the blog is that the author will write how to apply this to education.  It would be a great way for students to collect authentic resources that they find on the web.

2.  This free download helps students organize work for a student-led conference.  While we do not do student-led conferences, it would be great to have students add a few items that they are proud of to show off at their parents’ conferences.  I would probably have them include a writing piece.  It gives parents a better idea of what their child can do.  I would love to include a spoken piece, but I am not sure how feasible that would be.


3.  On Pinterest, I find so many great quotes that are beautiful like the one above!  I would love to include them as posters, but they would be too small.  This wonderful blog post shares how to score color classroom posters for $1!!!

4.  This rubric is wonderful, and the examples make it so practical!  It would be perfect to use at the beginning of the year.


5.  This last one is hilarious!  I would love to do this, but wouldn’t it be better in Spanish?!  I know that some of my students would try to steal these pencils though!!  Where can you get these?!

Happy Friday!


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