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Brillante Viernes: June 7, 2013

Summer is almost here for me!!  My wonderful 8th graders graduate today, and we have two more work days until we are off!!  I will be participating in Made it Mondays to start crafting.  However, I wanted to add some things that are on my to craft list.  Unfortunately, I cannot work in my room until August, but here are some things that I hope to craft.


1.  Look at these super cute circle cork boards.  I love them, and they will be perfect to display things.

2.  I have also been seeing a ton of magnet boards.  They look pretty simple and very useful.  Wouldn’t it be cool to create a large one for my Spanish poetry words?!

3.  I was looking for a desk organizer, and I could not find one.  This one is perfect.

4.  Finally, this is a miniseries about packing up at the end of the year!  How timely and helpful!


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