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Presenting magazines

I have transformed the way that I have my students present any projects this year.  Since the students had worked hard on their magazines, I wanted students to actually look at two magazines in-depth.  I had each student fill out two questionnaires for students.  I had each student answer the following questions:

1.  What is your favorite line from two of the articles?  Also, translate these lines to English.

2.  What is your favorite visual (ad, title, picture etc.)?

3.  Write two titles in English.

4.  What are four new words or vocabulary words that you see?

I didn’t want students to critique the magazines but to enjoy each others.  This worked well, and students paid more attention to two magazines than they would if they were reading all of them or students were presenting all of them.  They also had time to read any other magazine that they wanted.  Students also received positive feedback from their peers.  We all benefited!


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