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Magazine Project

Magazine cover from 1922- I used this in an art history paper.  Like I said, I LOVE magazines!
Magazine cover from 1922- I used this in an art history paper. Like I said, I LOVE magazines!

I love magazines of all types- print and electronic!  I also currently have a HUGE stack of magazines to go through before the move.  This year, I decided to have my students work on a magazine throughout the year.  At the end of each chapter, they would add another article.  I also had them include advertisements in Spanish as well.  They turned out well, and I think my students were impressed with the amount that they wrote.  Overall, I have seen improvements in my students’ writing throughout the year.  They completed it all online.

Here is my webpage that I set up for my students.  It has all of the requirements along with a rubric.  Throughout the year, I doubled the amount of sentences that my students wrote.  They had to write at least 10 sentences.  On my webpage, I also included other good links to use in the magazine.  Big Huge Labs has a magazine cover creator along with movie posters.  (It didn’t always work on Macs for some reason though…)  Also, my students used joomag to create their online magazine.  The catch is that students must share their password with me, so I tell them to use an obvious one (NOT their Facebook password!)

Of course, there are many things that I would do differently next year!  I would love for them to include a video clip of themselves speaking.  I would also like for them to include links to different websites since that is one thing that makes e-magazines stand out from print.  Finally, I would love for each student to submit their favorite article, and I could put them together in an e-book.  Then, parents could also download it.  I will be honest- I don’t know how to do this yet, but our wonderful library media teacher does!  I will post when I figure it out!

I realize this got lengthy quickly!  It was a wonderful project that some of my students said was their favorite all year.


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