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Made It Monday: Summer Proficiency Pack


Happy Monday!  This week is my last full week with my students- then it is SUMMER.  Although we are ALL ready for summer, I have some great students that I will miss next year.  I always wish that I could teach them all again and new ones.  The good news is that I will get to teach ALL of my excellent seventh grade students next year!

I wanted to encourage them to keep working on their Spanish over the summer.  I am going to promise a wonderful goody bag when they return if they complete it.  This was definitely not a solo effort!  I got many of my ideas from the #langchat last Thursday night.  The summary will be posted here.  Also, the always wonderful Zachary Jones posted his own summer pack.  Those are the worksheets that I am referring to at the end of my packet.  It is well worth the $5!

Here is my packet: summer project

Hope that this will be useful to yall!  I am also linking up with Made it Monday!  I followed along last summer before I had my blog.  I am excited to finally be able to blog about it this summer!  I will save my home made its for when I am in my new house, or my husband will kill me if we have more to move!



10 thoughts on “Made It Monday: Summer Proficiency Pack

    1. I took a few of the ideas you shared and put them together for my students as an enrichment activity. I am trying to decide what type of compensation to offer for completing the packet…extra credit? a prize of some type? I think it should be something worth the effort that will be required to complete the activities. Any suggestions?

  1. Thank you everyone! I already gave this to my students. I am giving them extra credit for a test/quiz (probably just +5), a homework pass, candy, pencils, stickers and erasers all from the Dollar Tree/Staples summer sales. I will blog about those when I create them.

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