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Final Exam Review: Spanish 1

Screen shot 2013-05-27 at 11.44.46 AM

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful Memorial Day!  Since I am a proud daughter and wife of Navy sailors, I hope that everyone remembers the true meaning of Memorial Day.  I did get to enjoy the weekend between a Kenny Chesney concert, BBQ and movie night out, but this morning, I came to school to get some work done.  I was behind on grading and organizing!  Now I am super proud of my closet, and I have space to store some of the books that I have been keeping at home for two years.

Enough about me!  I have been working on an exam review page for each Spanish class.  I am officially done with Spanish 1A, and I am still working on Spanish 1/Spanish 1B.  (Click on each class to access the link!)  I am posting my review pages in case anyone could use them.  I posted links for videos that students can watch to review.  I also included links to Quia practices for students on specific grammar topics.  I included all of the Quizlet links from our units as well.  I created some practice quizzes for students to complete.

Since the quizzes that I created are specifically for my students, others cannot take them.  However, the links and video links should work for anyone.  I use Cómo te va/Buen Viaje, so the vocabulary is from these books.  Next year, my goal is to make it more communicative and similar to my exam.  I would love to include more listening and reading practice since that is more reflective of my exam as a whole.  Enjoy!


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