Brillante Viernes: May 24, 2013

Hope everyone is having a wonderful May so far!  I am excited for Memorial Day, but I keep forgetting that we have Monday off.  I tried to plan something twice on that day!  I think that is also part of being at the end of the year.  Here are some of my favorite links from the internet recently:

1.  I just saw this last night on Twitter.  It is a list of post reading activities.  There are some wonderful ideas!  I really like ideas like 107.  Write to a movie producer and explain why this best-selling book should be made into a movie.  129 is also great for a test question- you have to give up your favorite pet to one of the characters.  Who would you give it to and why?  This goes along with using higher order thinking in the class!

2.  Speaking of Bloom’s Taxonomy, this poster is great!  It was helpful as I was creating my final test on Pirates, and I will use it again when I finalize my final exam.

3.  Even more connections!  This teacher gives an interactive final exam.  These examples are great, and they could be used throughout the year.

4.  If you use games to review at the end of the year, this list is really comprehensive.  I have used it before, but it is definitely time consuming to go through.  I got the idea of Constantinople from this website.  I have also used “Class Olympics” when I was teaching comparisons and KABOOM before as well.  They were all successful!  It is worth your time to read all of them.

5.  This year, I am planning on making a summer packet for my students.  Since we are an independent school, I teach many of the same students next year, and I know many of the ones I will teach.  I also look for any excuse to have my old students visit me!  I will give each person who completes it  a little prize.  I remembered this idea to start.  It is a great way to get students to listen to more Spanish music, and have fun in the summer!

Speaking of summer, we only have two more weeks!  Hope your weeks are flying by too!

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