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I thought that I would mention some of my favorite websites for listening activities.  However, I have to admit that I am guilty because I do not always use them!  I love the YouTube channel of MisCositas.  The videos of Niko are precious!  I especially enjoy using the town video and Niko’s daily routine.  Also, I used the video of street food during my food unit.  Sometimes, I have students order the words that they hear on a piece of paper.  Other times, they just write down vocabulary words that they hear.  Next year, I am thinking about using them to introduce vocabulary.

The University of Texas at Austin has some great listening exercises with native speakers.  They are also a bit more authentic than the traditional listening activities provided by the textbook.  I typically use the introduction videos and the family videos.  I think that it is important that my students realize initially that they can understand native speakers even for brief clips.  However, I would love to incorporate more of these clips throughout the year.  They cover many basic topics.

I have also used Notes in Spanish in previous years.  I have not used them this year, but I would love to integrate them more next year.  One teacher assigns them as homework, and students must take notes on them.  She then gives them a quiz the next day on vocabulary words and on the content.  She also creates a PowerPoint with images from the podcast.  Students in small groups must talk non-stop for a minute about the topic. (Amy Pento, FLTeach)  What a great idea!  I also like different idea for homework.  I will add this on my list to steal for next year.

Finally, I also incorporate commercials and music as main listening activities.  Again students listen to get the gist of it or to complete a cloze activity etc.  Hopefully these can be helpful for planning purposes!

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