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Brillante Viernes- May 10, 2013

Happy Friday  (Saturday!)  I started to write this on Friday, but the warm afternoon weather, an outside dinner and the Great Gatsby pulled me away until now.  (I really liked the movie!  One man was not happy with Jay-Z being included in the music soundtrack, but I love Jay-Z!  I would highly recommend it even if it did not get awesome reviews.  I found out that F. Scott Fitzgerald and his family are buried in Rockville, Md.  What a cool local connection!)  I think we can ALL feel the end of the school year!

1.  I love this picture!  It makes me laugh.

2.  If you decide to do awards at the end of the year, this resource is great!

3.  Happy Hour Spanish podcasts look great!  Has anyone used one?  Would they be useful as homework?  What levels have you used?  I use a ton of music and some of the better listening activities in the textbook, but I would love to incorporate other listening sources.  I have some that I use from time to time, but I always seem to forget about them!  Am I the only one like this?!


4.  This idea comes from  I couldn’t find the original link (darn you Pinterest!).  You give these to students, and they group themselves.  This would be fun as students get more antsy.  The stickers are garage dot sale stickers.


5.  This is another one where I cannot find the original link, but it is too good not to share.  It is a wonderful idea for students who journal or if students are completing other free writes.  Many of these topics are covered in the beginning levels, so students should be able to discuss them.

Thanks to everyone who stopped in to read my blog!  I appreciate it!!


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