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Brillante Viernes- May 3, 2013

Recently the days have been longer, but the weeks seem to fly by!  Let the summer countdown continue!  I found a lot of great things from Twitter this week.

1.  My school has started Project Based Learning.  This article talks about how to teach and assess creativity.  It has some great ideas.  I look forward to conversations about how to assess projects.

2.  I have started to use can do statements to guide my lesson plans and objectives.  Last night on #langchat, we were discussing backward planning.  Some teachers use can do statements with examples for study guides.  What a great idea!  Here is an example.

3.  This blog post talks about positive instead of punitive classroom punishment.  Isn’t is so much easier to be positive than punitive? 🙂

4.  I teach a health unit, and we always debate the difference between the flu and a cold.  Next year, I can show them this authentic resource!  So much better than me explaining it.


5.  I can’t seem to find the link to this, but what a great message!  Have a wonderful weekend!


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