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Test question idea and a personal note

I wanted to start with a test question idea.  I try to include it when I remember, and it adds some higher level thinking to my tests.  I always have a reading section on the test.  My most recent test was about summer and winter vacations.  I wrote a little story about Selena and Justin going to the beach.  I asked your typical comprehension questions.  At the end, I had the students compare a trip that they took with the trip that Selena and Justin took.  It was an easy question to add, but it is one frankly that I forget from time to time.  I would like to incorporate more Bloom’s Taxonomy questions when I have students read stories.

Also- on a personal note, we took the students on community service trips yesterday.  My group visited A Wider Circle in Silver Spring, Maryland.  They provide household goods for people who cannot afford them.  The best part is that they assure that each piece is sorted and is in good condition.  They treat everyone that visits with respect and dignity.  I know that I will donate my household goods there, and if you are in the area, I hope that you will consider doing the same.  It was a wonderful day for a wonderful cause.


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