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Learning at edcampmetrodc


Yesterday, edcampmetrodc was fabulous!  I met many teachers face-to-face, and I learned a lot.  Also, it was free!  I want to extend a huge thank you to the rest of the planning committee and everyone who attended.  I am planning on using the following this week.

The first website that I am excited to use is called Infuse Learning.  It can be used as a student response system.  You can provide students with multiple choice or true or false questions.  They log into their device and answer the questions then you can see the results.  This would be perfect as a quick exit slip or warm-up.  There are other websites that do similar things.  However, I really like Infuse Learning because you can have students draw pictures as well!  You could describe something in the target language, and students would draw it on their computers.  You could also have one student draw a vocabulary word, and you could send it out to their devices.  They could write the word that describes the picture.  You could extend this to include a sentence.  I learned about this thanks to Lisa who blogged about it here.

Also in another session, we discussed a Fed Ex Day.  The idea was to use a Fed Ex day in professional development.  By the end of the day, teachers have to have a project planned and ready to present.  The idea was also discussed to extend this idea to students.  This week, we are working on new vocabulary.  Instead of giving them a quiz, I want them to demonstrate that they know the vocabulary.  I want to include that they must use a certain number of vocabulary words and the vocabulary words must be used in sentences.  However, they can create a technology project or a paper project.

If you have a chance, run to your nearest edcamp!  The wiki lists where every edcamp is being held.


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