Brillante Viernes- April 12, 2013

Happy Friday!  Here are some of my favorite things from this week!

1.  I used the Fan-n-Pick from Martina Bex while having students ask each other questions.  It went really well!  I feel that students hate having to write down a ton of information while talking, but this equally distributed the roles.  They seemed to enjoy this activity as well.  I will definitely use it again!

2.  I also used this activity to practice indirect object pronouns.  It took awhile to put together, but I liked the communicative aspect of the activity.  I will save it to use next year.


3.  This is a genius idea!  This teacher glued poms as an eraser to her dry erase boards.  It would be a great weekend activity to do them all.  My fingers would definitely be less colorful though!

4.  I LOVE Señor Wooly!!!  It is totally worth the $25.  He keeps adding more and more wonderful teaching resources!  My students love the videos and songs.  This week, I used Las Excusas including many activities from the packet.  My students still sing Billy la Bufanda and are incredulous when a fellow classmate doesn’t remember how to say scarf. (Hope that was on the National Spanish Exam!)

5.  Along the lines of cooperative learning activities, I found this whole list.  Many of them are applicable to foreign language learning.

Finally- tomorrow, I will be helping put on Edcampmetrodc at Bullis School!  If you are in the area, join us!!

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