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Brillante Viernes: April 5, 2013

Happy Friday!  I hope that you had a wonderful week, and that spring and spring weather are coming soon!  I have found some other wonderful things throughout the Internet to share:

1.  This first idea is from a third grade teacher.  As I move to more proficiency based teaching, I have started to use more “I can” statements.  I feel that they help focus on my lesson on what my students can say/understand after the lesson.  This sheet would be perfect for them to complete at the end of each class!

2.  I have already said how wonderful Kara Jacobs is.  I love her newest TV unit on her blog.  While it is designed for a level 3 class, it could be adopted to a level 2 or level 1 class.  Reading about her use of authentic resources is beneficial to any level teacher.

3.  I have been seeing on Twitter that some teachers are watching El Internado and loving it!  I would like to start watching it myself.  It looks like it has wonderful elements: a “ser extraño” in the woods, people who aren’t what they appear to be, AND mutant animals!  This sounds perfect for summer.  If you teach upper levels, there is a wiki for material to use to teach with it.

4.  I also saw this resource for authentic readings in the TL.  It has wonderful readings, and they are divided by categories which makes it easier to find each topic.  I have found this reading about the Nationals that would be perfect for a sports unit.  I also have a group of 7th grade boys that LOVE baseball.  I secretly think that the Nats will go to the World Series this year even though I am a Padres fan (living near DC).

5.  This summer, I am adding this desk pad to my list of crafts to make.  It looks relatively easy, but I know it will be tricky to get the paper smooth.  Also, it might give me incentive to clear my desk more often!  🙂

Bonus!  I love the song by Victor Munoz- Mi Princesa.  Zachary Jones found it, and I always listen to it on repeat when I remember.  Hopefully it will make you smile on this Friday, too!


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