National Spanish Exam

My students in Spanish 1B/1 are taking the National Spanish Exam at the end of this week.  I was going to have them take each practice exam before, but I knew that FOUR days of National Spanish Exam would be enough for anyone!  (Each section is 40 minutes each as are my classes.)  The NSE has a multiple choice section that concentrates on vocabulary, and a grammar section.  The second section has different reading passages with multiple choice questions in English, and listening sections with multiple choice questions in English as well.

I decided to turn my review into a game.  I pulled up the practice exam, and I had each group in teams.  They had to answer each question correctly, and they would draw a piece of paper.  The papers were similar to Bazinga.  They could either get up to three points, take away a point from another team, or give up to two points to another team.  If their group answered incorrectly, the other groups had one chance to guess to earn one point.  I kept the game going for two days- one day for achievement and one day for proficiency.  The students seemed to enjoy it, and it was good to see them working together and discussing each question.

In general, I have not changed what I teach to the National Spanish Exam.  However, I did notice that one chapter- the airport- in my book (Como te va) was repeated the following year, and it did not contain many high frequency vocabulary words.  I changed this to a town vocabulary lesson.  I decided to use the vocabulary from the NSE.  Students learned those words easily, and I have found more of that vocabulary on the test.

Do any other teachers prepare their students for the NSE?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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