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Brillante Viernes: March 29, 2013

Happy Friday!  For me, it means almost back to work.  This week, we are continuing to work on our plans for Edcamp.  If you are in the DC area on April 13th, join us!!  I am really excited!  Here are some of my favorite things that I have found this week:

1.  Five dollar footlong commercial in Spanish!  I feel like everyone gets this song stuck in their head, and I know that my students would enjoy hearing it in Spanish.  This would be perfect as a closer when you have 2 minutes of class left.

2.  This would be a great checklist for students!  I love the writing levels and speaking levels checklist.  It gives students an idea of what they can do and what they could attempt.  It would be easy to translate into Spanish.

3.  This wikispace has everything!  It includes anything from projects to sub plans to daily lesson plans.  It is a great resource.

4.  I love this website to learn more about different Spanish slang and words.  It also can provide some extra vocabulary if you are ever modifying a chapter.  I changed my unit on camping to cover make-up during our daily routine unit.  I used many words from a blog post on this website.  WARNING!  Do NOT post this or send a student to it.  It includes ALL type of slang including words that you do NOT want your students knowing.  However, it is a great resource for teachers.

075480bf337d972dfb2bb9bab09ecf945.  My last thing is a non-teacher related item but a fun item!  Caffeine gets me through my mornings, and recently I have discovered the Caribou Black Tea Peach Fizzy drink.  It is pretty amazing; however, Caribou is not as close to me as I would like.  I would suggest that you try the drink, and you can always make it!  I have my peach syrup and black tea in the fridge as we speak.

Hope you all enjoy your Spring Break!


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