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Friday before Spring Break Ideas


Although I am on Spring Break, I wanted to share some of the ideas that I used before spring break.  I finished up my unit on Thursday with a quiz, and then we had one day before break.  I wanted it to have a mini project that the students could easily complete in one day.  I also wanted them to enjoy the activity.  In my Spanish 1A class, we were just discussing clothes.  The students put on a mini fashion show.  Each student paired up with another, and they talked about what each person was wearing.  Since our school wears uniforms, it was also fun for them to wear regular clothes for a class.  We planned for about 10-15 minutes the day before as each student discussed what to bring, and they wrote their sentences.

I collected all of my fast food toys when I was growing up, and my mom kept them.  The students always enjoy when I pull them out, and they especially love the Trolls.  Each student selected a character, and they created a Fakebook page.  I used this website.  It was easy for students to write everything in Spanish.  They could also have other characters post “videos” and write messages on each other’s walls.  The only problem that I encountered with the site was that it would occasionally delete everything without much warning.  I told my students to repeatedly save their work.  The classes seemed to fly by, and each student was using technology and the language.  Each student was able to fill out the information and at least post three different comments to their wall.  They could also play around with the technology.  You could probably stretch this over two days if you added more ideas and parameters.

I hope one of these ideas helps you as you plan for your classes before Spring Break!

To see my updated ideas for 2017, read this post!


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