Brillante Viernes- March 22, 2013

Today is the day before Spring break starts!  This picture is from a previous vacation, but I am just excited to have a leisurely morning this week!  We are ALL excited.  Here are some ideas that I found from other teachers to give me something to think about when we return:

1.  Conversation Circle:  This looks like a great idea.  I wonder if my students could come up with the questions and answers.  It may help if I come up with the questions the first time since my students are beginners.  It would also be an easy way for me to monitor what they are saying instead of activities where I can only listen to a few students at a time.

2.  Questions and a camera: My students all have laptops, so they could record themselves on their laptops.  I have been using paper when they ask questions.  I like the use of technology here.  (Picture from Sra. Baxter’s blog)


3.  Faux receipt: This mother created a faux receipt for her daughter from the tooth fairy.  I think this website would be perfect to create faux receipts during simulations.

4.  I always have plans to make stations, and then I end up planning something else.  I will definitely complete stations when I return, and this blog will give me some ideas.

5.  I played this game as a review for my students before a quiz.  It was new, and they seemed to enjoy it.  It would also be effective earlier on as students are learning the new verbs.

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