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Brillante Viernes- February 22, 2013

I know- it is currently Sunday.  I had a ton of grading to do, and then I was out-of-town without much internet capability.  However, I always believe in better late than never!  Here are some of my favorite ideas that I have seen around the internet this past week:


1.  Review game: Grungeball!  This game is perfect for review.  Check it out!


2.  This idea has been flying around Pinterest.  This teacher sells her conversation starters on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I think it would be a great idea to have for early finishers.  I would love to start this soon for my Spanish students.


3.  I love these thoughtful logs!  It would help students plan their writing, and it would help them evaluate it as well.  Finally, it would be wonderful to have them evaluate their writing before they turn it in.  However, every teacher knows the tricky part- to make sure the students actually DO what they check off.  I always tell my students not to just check something off but to actually complete it!

4.  Kara Jacobs is an amazing Spanish teacher!  She compiles so many great authentic resources.  She also has designed a whole Culture and Civilization course.  Again, she is amazing, and she is always willing to share her resources.  If you are on Twitter, follow her (@karacjacobs), and you should of course check out her blog.

5.  As many teachers continue to talk about authentic resources, I keep trying to incorporate them as well.  Here are some excellent ones to use:






b2ded5eb2badfe9cf12827ba2c5b7d63(found off Pinterest- if you know the link, please send it to me!)

2bfb2445fb7df7893c2ebf0598ae1730found here

f82fc5f3d44fa955fa8e2f3504246ca9True story!  Or perhaps it is just me that does not like lettuce…!  Found here

Happy Sunday!  Hope some of this helps as you are planning your lessons for this week!




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